Mental Illness Happy Hour LIVE

Wednesday, Feb 22 - Thursday, Feb 23, 2017

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The East Bay Express presents two evenings of interviews conducted by Paul Gilmartin, comedian and host of the highly praised podcast, Mental Illness Happy Hour. Each episode explores mental illness, trauma, addiction, and negative thinking.

“Top 10 podcast of 2016.” - Esquire

“Praised by listeners all over the world.” - Atlantic Monthly

“A perversely safe place in which he and his guests talk about their
fears, addictions and traumatic childhoods.” - NY Times

Wednesday, February 22: Mark & Giulia Lukach
Mark and Giulia met at age 18 and were married by 24. Three years into their marriage, Giulia was first hospitalized for a psychotic break, and Mark struggled with how to be her caregiver. Mark has written about the challenges of caregiving through Giulia’s multiple hospitalizations in the New York Times and for Pacific Standard. His forthcoming memoir, “My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward,” is a heart-wrenching, yet hopeful, memoir of a young marriage that is redefined by mental illness and affirms the power of love. It will be published by Harper Wave in May 2017.

Thursday, February 23: Giulietta Carrelli
Giulietta is the 36-year-old proprietor of Trouble Coffee with locations in West Oakland and San Francisco. She has struggled with schizoaffective disorder, experiencing psychotic episodes and periods of mania or depression. She bounced around the country, was in and out of hospitals, and was homeless for periods. Giulietta has been featured in Pacific Standard magazine and on This American Life. She is credited with starting the toast craze in the Bay Area.

More about your host, Paul Gilmartin
From 1995 to 2011 Paul Gilmartin co-hosted TBS’ Dinner and a Movie, and has been a stand-up comedian since 1987. His credits include Comedy Central Presents: Paul Gilmartin. Paul was thrilled to be diagnosed with clinical depression in 1999 because it meant he wasn’t just an asshole. By 2003, he realized he was still an asshole and an alcoholic. Since 2003 he has been sober, mostly happy, and a tiny bit less of an asshole.

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